The Joker & Thief Story

Inside the Joker and Thief - Terrigal Bar and Restaurant

The Joker and Thief started as an idea from locals who were

always looking for somewhere in Terrigal that catered for the

mature patron. Where you can go for a night out for great food

and cocktails dressed up with the girls or a few casual beers

with mates and everything in between including live music and

TV screens.

After we realised it wasn’t just going to appear one day as we

hoped. Several long nights later discussing all of this (generally

after a few drinks) It went from an idea ….to a possibility…. to a

reality pretty quickly. After a lot of hours and hard work with

designers/builders/industry experts, here we are and we are

here to stay!!

Our name The Joker and Thief was what we ended up with.

After weeks of throwing up different names, we found it in the

lyrics to the classic Bob Dylan song – All along the Watchtower.

As we talked about it more and more, we found it has a lot of

ties split across so many demographics obviously including the

Wolfmother song.

We just liked it mainly because we thought it sounded pretty

cool, it really ties into our feel and it refers to the venue. That

no matter who you are or where you come from if you respect

the venue you are welcome to leave your inhibitions at the

door and enjoy!

All of our owners are locals to the area and wanted to support

their local area by providing a venue that is classy and provides

high quality food and drinks at reasonable prices. You will no

doubt see some of the owners in the venue as they will be sure to

come and say hi, so please don’t be shy