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Your House is the Best Bar on the Central Coast

So it’s 2020. We’ve been burnt and drowned as a nation and now we are being confined to self isolation and – hell spawn of all terms – social distancing. What a kick to the proverbial grapes. And by that we mean, of course, the splendid fine wines, quality cocktails

The Happiest of Hours – A History

And now for a lesson on that hallowed of traditions: Happy Hour.  We’ve all partaken. We’ve all over indulged. We’re all a little guilty of getting super excited at the thought of cheap drinks. It almost feels like you’re getting something for free. You swipe your card at the bar,

Breakfast date

Eating Dates for Breakfast

At The Joker and Thief we freaking love breakfast. You might just think of us as the latest cocktail bar in Terrigal but truth be told we are people of the morning times and we believe it’s time to bring dating back to the most important meal of the day. 

Cold Cocktail by the Beach

Spend Australia Day in Ultimate Style

What’s your idea of the perfect Australia Day celebration? Is it a backyard barbeque with friends, a day on the beach or a bit of relaxation and luxury? If your idea is to spend the afternoon overlooking the pristine coastline of Terrigal in cool and airy comfort, sipping Champagne, then

The Slightly Strange Origin Of The Cocktail

Here at The Joker and the Thief, we take a lot of joy in making a perfectly balanced cocktail. Everything from sourcing the highest quality ingredients, to getting the saltiness, sourness, the body and the bitterness dancing well together, to the perfect temperature and finally getting them dressed, ready for