Choosing the Best Place to Eat on the Central Coast

The best place to eat - Terrigal

Ok, so we are painfully aware that there are a bunch of killer eating and drinking options in Terrigal. We know that the Central Coast has put up some freakin’ good bars to compete with the local pubs, and our caffeine buzz gurus have staked some serious claim in the East Coast Australian cafe scene.We know this so… how the heck are you meant to decide where to go? 


Let’s not say it three times, but we can’t deny that a big deciding factor in choosing somewhere to eat or for drinks is where it is located. 

For some it’s simply a question of ‘can I drive there?’ (lazy so and so’s) or ‘how quickly can I get back to watching Tiger King’. For others it’s the place to be seen, or at least, a place that gives you the feeling that things are happening here – Long Jetty case in point. You know what I mean?

Schtick / Ambiance / Experience

We don’t go out as a survival instinct against starvation. It’s actually not the need for sustenance that drives us to go looking for the best place to eat. What we want is an experience. Maybe it’s that perfect semi private corner or open fire for a romantic date, or maybe it’s the hullabaloo of a thriving cafe on a Sunday morning, or simply the right kind of tunes played from the right kind of stereo to accompany a cocktail with friends. 

Consider the schtick of any given location and if it’s got what you need.

Um, Menu, Duh

Ok so the perfect ambient restaurant is a key factor, and it’s not necessarily about sustenance, but… We want some bloody good grub amirite? You may even argue that food is the experience and we are not going to gainsay that. Food is life and quality food is life altering! I know that we are always looking for that next golden mouthful, set apart from the rest, and memorialised. So, don’t be daft, read the menu first before selecting the best place to dine. 

The McValue Meal 

Ah yes the old cheapskates, scrooges and scabs. You know who you are. But don’t worry we are not going to call you out and ridicule you. No – we are here to extol the virtues and all round warm feels of a well bought meal. And this doesn’t mean it has to be cheap!  You want to get what you paid for. If you’re paying a premium for your meals then be sure it’s organic, pasture raised, ethically sourced ingredients being used. Or if you’re paying big coin for your martini then make sure the olives were hand picked by Fair Trade certified Grecean goddesses. 

Our Pro Tip – don’t be cheap on a first (or any) date.  


The Terrigal food scene can be hit and miss with many punters, and generally the misses are better documented on online review sites. Service is often featured in reviews because it is one of the contributing factors that diners are looking for in a kick ass cantina. Take online reviews into consideration when choosing your next foodie jaunt but don’t let it dictate your dining experience too much. A few grains of salt go a long way when it comes to disgruntled keyboard warriors. And in the end, ask someone you know and trust for their opinions about the service of a place, or wear a smile and be brave. Hopefully you will be rewarded with high quality Central Coastian service. 

There are so many exceptional places to eat on the Central Coast, and we don’t blame you for ending up here in your google quest for how to choose a killer restaurant. Let your instincts guide you. Follow your nose and back yourself! And here’s to seeing you at The Joker and Thief soon eh!?