Do You Wanna Get Back Together. Y or N?

Do You Wanna Get Back Together. Y or N?


Dear Central Coast,

We wanted to talk with you. We still love you. Do you still love us? We hate the way things are between us – the distance. Let’s get back together again.

We lay awake at night; wondering what you’re doing. We keep thinking about when you came into our lives and how much better we are for having you in it. Waiting to see you again is all we think about. We remember the curve of your neck and wonder at the soft way you held your glass. 

Let’s go back to before all this. Let’s be strangers again! We’ll ask if we can get you a drink and you can tell us your name – all shy, like that first time. And we’ll explain away the origins of our name and how ‘Thief’ is not spelt ‘theif’ (your mother still spells it that way). Let’s go back and learn about each other again. We’ll learn what you love and don’t and you can tell us about your jerk of a boss or places you have travelled to.

 Let’s go back to before we got so restricted and isolated ourselves from each other. Back when you would choose the best restaurant in Terrigal and we would meet you there, slide a Manhattan into your fingers, smitten by the sight of you. 

Let’s go back to pre- covid times – better times – when we would laugh like happiness. I can still see you there, before me, the light dancing across your cheek. You would eat spiced roasted almonds and drink any number of bubbly cocktails, while we made you wild mushroom arancini and wondered what you would like for desert. What sweetness. 

We had to give it all up. We had to retreat from each other. You stopped coming by and we closed our door on you. For a while there, our coming together became a public health hazard and we knew we had to take a break. 

But enough! Let’s go back to before all this. We have thrown back the curtains and there is light inside. Let’s get dressed up and go out, or you could come here. We’ll cook for you like old times and soire some. Then, let’s linger into a late night like we used to. 

But most of all, we just wanted to talk to you and tell you how much we miss you. 

Our dear Central Coast – we miss you. Let’s make up for lost time soon.

Yours forever, 

The Joker and Thief


Turns out the J&T crew are a romantic bunch. They want you back. Watch this space for updates on when Terrigal’s best restaurant and cocktail bar is set to reopen, rekindle and reunite with you, their long lost love.