Eating Dates for Breakfast

Breakfast date

At The Joker and Thief we freaking love breakfast. You might just think of us as the latest cocktail bar in Terrigal but truth be told we are people of the morning times and we believe it’s time to bring dating back to the most important meal of the day. 

Take the Pressure Down

Put away your heels and break out the Birkenstocks. Hang up your stepping out outfit and slip into something linen and loungey. Leave your lippy in the drawer. Heck – arrive in your pj’s. Let’s bring this whole worked up, stomach knotting thing down a few notches. Nothing is so relaxing as not having to dress up. Go on, eat your house bircher with bed hair. 

The Breakfast Club Boys

Lads, we know that you know that breaky food is the best food. No more dainty dinner plates with a mouthful of food in the middle. No more hunger pains as you pay the bill (or not). Get your B + E roll fix or load up a plate with the lot. Alternatively, if you wanna raise an eyebrow show your open mindedness buy ordering a dahl. That wasn’t expected.  

Can’t See A Hole In The Ladder

Breakfast dates replace the fun of craft beers, artisan wines or classy cocktails with the promise of rich, strong, aromatic coffee and a morning devoid of hangovers and regrets. Oooh can you smell it? Imagine a date where you are clear headed, with all your wits and able to tell if the spesh feelings you have are for the person opposite you and not the booze thinking for you. 

But before some readers freak out at the idea of a breaky date with no hope of adding a little dutch courage, then don’t freak out! Any quality Terrigal restaurant these days will offer a breakfast martini, mimosa, Bloody Mary or an espresso martini kicker. 

The Bacon Short Cut 

Okay so not every date (even the breakfast ones) are killer. But here’s the rub – there’s no dessert at breakfast. There’s no nightcap cocktail. While we are purveyors of such pastimes and mighty partial to an extended lunch or dinner date, we know that some dates just suck. Cutting short a date-gone-wrong is even easier at breaky. There are a plethora of daily pursuits that make the ideal excuses to bail. Having said that, if the stars align and the dating gods smile upon you, there’s always a long stroll toward lunch together.

Its All About Timing

Let’s face it. We meet most people online these days – Twitter, Grinder, Bumble, Her. There’s lots of connected people looking for anything from long love to quick casual flings and you can’t always trust a profile pic. A single person’s gotta get efficient in finding love. That’s where breakfast dating comes in handy.

Good Dates End With Dinner, Great Dates End With Breakfast.

Don’t get us wrong. At The Joker and Thief we love seeing dinner dates unfold. We love to see dinner dates go well. And nothing says success like seeing lovebirds back for breakfast. 

Give it a crack – let’s start eating dates for breakfast.