To Dine In Or Take Away?

Australian Cuisine

We aren’t going to pretend to give you a balanced pros and cons list here. Shakespeare never thought it a question worth asking, and Bob Dylan has never sung about it; to us, there is no question. We will take a fine dining restaurant experience any day over its poor cousin monsieur take-away.

However, with the recent introduction of such home delivery services as Uber Eats and others like it, many people are choosing to get their food delivered. Add a pandemic into the equation and this trend has, for obvious reasons, slowed down the dining experience dramatically.

Now that we’re opening up the dining room once more to serve our delicious modern Australian cuisine with gorgeous waterfront views of Terrigal Beach, we want to put our case forward as to why you should get back out there and enjoy a night out at a restaurant.

To Get Out Of The House

It’s easy to get stuck in a pattern and convince yourself that not only can you not be bothered to leave the house, but that you actually prefer it. Us humans are a tricky little species and somehow we can convince ourselves often that we don’t even like certain things that we know we enjoy or are good for us: exercise, good food, sunshine, waking up early, getting off our phone, going to the beach.

We understand it takes less effort to stay at home in your trackies, order a meal in and watch some Netflix that you’re not that into, but repeat that indefinitely and we guarantee you it will take a toll. 

Yes, it takes a little effort to put some nice clothes on. Yes, often you will feel some pending social anxiety. Yes, it will probably even be more expensive! But once you’re out and the first glass of wine has been poured, and you watch your friend’s face laugh as you feel your own stretch involuntarily to do the same, and the waiter makes you feel welcome, suddenly you will hear yourself say what on earth was I doing at home!?

Do yourself a favour, at the very least, have a change of scenery for the night.

To Try Something Different

Chances are when you give yourself the luxury of a dining experience, you will encounter food that you might not usually try. Australia is in the middle of what some are calling a “dining boom”. Kerrie McCallum, editor-in-chief of the delicious. brand, says this is due to Australia’s world-class produce and our willingness to be creative with our cuisine because of our lack of ties to tradition. With an ever increasing influx of food from different cultures, we are fast becoming a nation obsessed with food.

It’s this freshness of approach that modern Australian restaurants are embracing which gives us opportunities for new experiences. Novel experiences, it turns out, is one of the things that keeps our brain stimulated and healthy. 

So, the argument could be made (and yes, we’re making it) that new dining experiences have a direct relationship to your health. Add social connectivity to the list and there’s no wonder you feel so good at the end of afine dining experience.

To Connect And Relax

How often have you heard, or even said, I just need to relax tonight, and then proceeded to climb onto the couch with Netflix on one screen and Instagram on another, only to feel even more drained and uninspired by the end of the night?

While sometimes Netflix is exactly what we need, often what we want when we crave “relaxation” is connection, and contrary to what Mark Zuckerburg might want to believe, often our screens do exactly the opposite. Instead, connecting with a lover, or friend, or group of friends without a screen and with some delicious food and drink, is actually the kind of relaxation we truly desire.

Now, we get it, there is a lot to be said for the simple joy of home-delivery occasionally… but, because we love the restaurant experience so much, we simply can’t bear to think that you might be missing out on all the pleasure and expansive happiness that could be yours for a night of fine dining!